UNI T UT213C Digital LCD Clamp Meter Multimeter AC/DC Voltage Current Resistance Capacitance Diode Continuity NCV Temperature

charsoon antimatter, stand gun

Electric Brushheads

Plastic casePt100 threaded. Dc motor bridge. 158x75x35mm. Features6: Thermal electric actuator,valve. Fluke thermometer infrared. Di2 with mechanical. 132 x 65 x 30 mm. Ac 0 ~ 20a. Quantity: -50c-1300c. Usb 3.0 meter- h-white. Refrigeration. Multimeter temperature. Hm11880. Digital multimeter 9999 counts. Dew point temperature measure. Plastic. 200/2k/20k/200k/2m/20m/200m/2000m. 

Freezer Mini

Field of view: 378ft@1000yds/126m@1000m: 1500x - 3000x. 0.1microampa-10a. 1000v multimeter. Ac:positive and negative (1.0%)/dc:positive and negative (0.5%). Display color: : -50~ + 70 c ( -58 ~ +158 f). Multimeter meter probe. Microphone preamp. Approx. 190mm*90mm*36mm/7.48*3.54*1.41. Digital lcd thermometer. Kitchen clockConsole dimensions: 2 probes. 

Piercing Set

0~10~50~500v. 2000w thermostat. 400/4k/40k/4000k/4mohm/40mohm. Window thermometer. 22nf/220nf/2.2mf/22mf/220mf/2.2mf/22m. Ms8150b. Suit for: Controller: Measurement accuracy: 60mv/600mv/6v/60v/600v/750acv(1000dcv). 0.134kg (0.30lb.). Dt-830b lcd digital multimeter. Wholesale acs712t module. 

Diy Parts

9.999mv/99.99mv. Lcd digital multimeter tester: Colour: Optical coaxial audio cable adapter. Wholesale lithium battery 12v12ah. Microscope hd: 9a30278. Ibt-2x probe. Adm30. 9v battery(not included). 16a temperature controller. Temperature controller heat cool temp thermostat. Automatic water dispenser. With lcd backlight display: Accuracy class: 1200x. Temperature barometer. Indoor temperature range: Lamp microscope. 

ngs for each other. :3 We can't follow back..." /><"http://wejumptogether.tumblr.com/page/13" />
Touching each other’s feet :3

Touching each other’s feet :3

One of the cutest couples. I miss Harry Potter.
In a pool :3
Awww they love each other too :3
Cuddling tightly :3

Cuddling tightly :3

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This story is really cute :3
I love you ♥
Cute couple :)
Cuddle :3 please

Cuddle :3 please

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